My Father and a few network of Job board is dedicated to my Father and Guru, Shri.Chandrasekaran as I lost my job a month before he lost his life. Though we both were positive, I believe he was little worried about his Son’s future. A platform where professionals can find job is a tribute for my dear Appa.

Since my lovely Father left divine abode & I decided to focus on a few network of Job websites- SaiRemoteJobs was the first one, for India market and since I love recruiters for the nature of their work, I made

My Father Shri. Chandrasekaran and my Mom during one of our visit to a Shiva temple. Beautiful memories!

My Father was always active even after his retirement from the Tamilnadu Transport Corporation. He spent over 20 years of his retirement life doing some work at home and also served in the near by temple in our colony. I learnt that one should always do some good karma. We should so some good work either for our growth, or our family or the society and the Nation.

At the time of my Father’s demise, he was speaking about his favorite temple we used to visit and the Goddess but a week before, I know that he was worried that his Son lost his job and also got fever.

I lost my job in April 2021 and my Father passed away on the night of14th May 2021. It was very painful event in my life. Later, I started applying for a few remote jobs in Sales/Marketing/Recruitment because I have to stay at home to take care of my Mom.

Meanwhile, I have this deep sense of purpose when I do something for professionals who are looking for better job opportunities. For a Father who was worried that his Son did not had a job, I feel working on simple job boards, would be a tribute I pay for him.


I will be happy to feature recruiters and HR professionals on a video interview. If you have time, please write to me with your Linkedinin profile.

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Love you Appa!